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Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering is the application of engineering principles that solve transportation problems by considering the psychology and habits of the transportation system users in relation to the traffic operations of roads and their networks, terminals, and adjacent land uses.

At Dileigh we understand that a smoothly operating traffic network is a safe traffic network, and we are dedicated to providing design solutions that follow that principle.

Our traffic engineering capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Traffic generation for existing and proposed developments and land uses
  • Modelling development impacts on road traffic operations and structural integrity
  • Network and intersection operational modelling and assessment using SIDRA 9.0
  • Specification of traffic operational impact mitigation strategies
  • Assessment of road structural impacts and appropriate capital works contributions
  • State-controlled road impact assessments using Department of Transport and Main Roads GARID guidelines
  • Geometric design and documentation of road network elements consistent with state and local government requirements

Dileigh provides a high-quality professional engineering and project management service to suit your project requirements. Our diverse and high level of project experience produces unique, innovative, economical and effective designs that make a difference to your project outcomes.